Probe Station



One only single sided probe spotwelding station consisting of 

  1. 100kva encapsulated hanging transformer inclusive of terminals
  2. single stage with heat control, time, weld on/off timer
  3. 100kva firing cabinet with on/off isolation and thermo protection
  4. single sided probe gun 650mm long with water cooling and start switch
  5. Transformer / panel support frame.
  6. 3000mm 250mcm positive jumper cable water cooled
  7. 1500mm 250mcm negative jumper cable water cooled
  8. Water hoses from transformer to gun, cables and earth.
  9. Press button cable and switch with actuator.
  10. Connection bolts and insulators for jumper cables
  11. Water fittings for jumper cables
  12. All fixing brackets for water/ timer panel to transformer
  13. Copper earth jumper clamp
  14. Hot & cold water manifold.