25kVA Handispot – 380V



The machine we offer you is part of our “Econo” range of products. This machine is our 20kva
“Handispot” and is based on the following basic specification.

1) Model Name “Handispot 25kva” which is a 380v @ 50 Hz, 2Phase 20kva machine rated
at 20% duty cycle.
2) Capable of welding cold rolled mild steel / stainless steel 1.5 + 1.5mm and round bar up
to 6mm
3) Foot lever operated welding head with spring follow-up
4) 40mm Brass Arms, 18mm Water Cooled Tip Holder, MT1 12.7mm CuCrZr welding tips.
5) The machine is water cooled and will need a minimum of 10L/min flow through the
6) Digipak 1 timer control operating through a semipack thyristor system.
7) Water cooled transformer.
8) Throat Depth of the machine is 300mm
9) Foot print 1080mm x 450mm x 1200mm (LxWxH)