5 & 25L Dual Head Can Welder



This is a welding system to weld the lugs to cans. The system is based roughly on the following:

  • The heads will consist of dual horizontally opposed welding heads fitted with 63mmdia air cylinders, the piston rod will be a through rod to give additional support to the welding tips against deflection.
  • The transformer will be a 50kva water cooled transformer feeding power to the weld heads through two half hard flexible laminated shunts.
  • The can will be internally clamped using an air cylinder operating through a cam locking mechanism. This system is mounted to the front of the machine.
  • We will fit a multi program dual pulse Digipak timer system to control weld parameters. The main on/off switch for the machine will be located on the front of the machine.
  • The system will use our standard 50kva thyristor panel for ease of spares backup.
  • The air system will be a ¼ 5/2 solenoid fed through a ½ FRL unit. All air fittings will be quick couple type.
  • All the above will be mounted onto a steel support frame to allow for correct working height.
  • Standard machine head layouts be used and an adjustable head support system will be mounted to the front of the machine to give final adjustment to the welding tip face in relation to the can.
  • The machine will be fitted with a polypropylene support pad to support the can during welding.