Seam Welder Circumferential 100kVA



The machine we offer you is part of our FN-100H circumferential type seam welding machine. This machine is a 100kva seam welder and is based on the following basic specifications.

  1. Model Name FN-100H which is a 380v @ 50 Hz, 100kva machine rated at 50% duty cycle machine.
  2. Capable of  welding 1.50mm to 1.50mm cold rolled mild steel
  3. Pneumatic welding head with 125mm cylinder with adjustable return stroke position.
  4. Drive motor is direct to lower welding head, top head is free rolling
  1. The machine is water cooled and will need a minimum of 20l/min clean water flow through the machine. (Please note cooling unit is sold separately)
  1. Approximate unpacked weight of the machine is 350kg.
  2. 250mm CuCrZr copper seam wheels.