Econobutt 35kVA – UN-35 Butt Welder



The machine we offer you is part of our “Econo” range of products. This machine is our 35kva “Econobutt” and is based on the following basic specification.

  • Model Name “Econobutt 35kva” UN-35 which is a 480v @ 60Hz, 35kva machine rated at 20% duty cycle machine.
  • Capable welding diameters 3mmdia mild steel to 6mmdia mild steel rod or wire.
  • Pneumatic rod/wire clamping with a maximum force of 1500N
  • Pneumatic upsetting of work piece with a maximum upsetting force of 900kg.
  • The machine is water cooled and will need a minimum of 5L/min flow through the machine.
  • Approximate unpacked weight of the machine is 265kg.
  • Machine foot print is 500mm x 850mm x 1000mm.