Table Corner Welder



This is our four head table welder.

  1. Four rear mounting position adjustable, 63mmdia piston welding heads complete with electrical current laminated shunts, current/power pickup lug, water cooled brass body, WG screw adaptor and tips.
  1. Solenoids/regulators module and FRL unit.
  2. Solenoid air manifold and gauge box.
  3. Water manifolds fitted to frame with 1/2″ shut off ball valves.
  4. 25kva encapsulated mounting brackets.
  5. PLC sequence control system “Delta”.
  6. 4 x 25kva encapsulated hanging transformer with bottom Closure box.
  7. Main support frame with mounting points for all hang-on parts and angle iron guide rails.
  8. Top and side pneumatic clamping for parts.
  9. Side mounted weld control box “Head 1, Head 2, Head 3, head four and weld on/off.
  10. Adjustable height front and rear table with adjustable side guides